Adventures of Whitehall Kitchen

  • Hot and Spicy Zucchini Pickles, and some helpful tips on keeping "pickles" crispy

    Pickles can be made out of any vegetable you want, not just cucumbers!  Try this Hot and Spicy Zucchini Pickles.  They are delicious!  I have also included some helpful tips to try if your pickles aren't as crisp as you would like them.
  • What to do with a glutton of eggs!

    What do you do with a glut of eggs? It's finally spring, and your ladies are working hard, gearing up to give you an egg a day.  It's exciting as i...
  • Rhubarb Shrub

    I wrote earlier in the week about cleaning out my freezer and getting ready for the next harvest. I took out this rhubarb that I had vacuum sealed ...
  • Sunday Morning Sourdough Bagels

    Making water-boiled sourdough bagels at home is easier than you think.  Following this simple recipe you can use your sourdough starter to make morning magic.
  • Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Sourdough Bread

    Sourdough Sunday is Back!I am so excited about how this bread came out. The swirl actually worked!This recipe is from Artisan Sourdough Made Simple...
  • Need a new favorite BBQ sauce recipe? Look no further!

    Need a new favorite BBQ sauce recipe? Look no further!   Aside from Ketchup, BBQ Sauce and A1 are the two other staple condiments that would cause...
  • A Quick Guide to Different Pressure Canner Models

    There are several different types of pressure canners on the market (not to be confused with a Pressure Cooker!), and each one has its own mechanism to regulate pressure and let you know your canner is running correctly.  There is not a specific advantage to one type over the other, it is more of a preference on size, cost and availability.

     Pressure canners have several safety mechanisms built-in now, so with careful use, they are easy and safe to use! Read below to learn more about the features of each type of pressure canner on the market today.  Hopefully it will help provide some clarity on models if you are deciding which one to choose for your home food preservation adventure!

  • Making and Canning your own Homemade Chicken Stock

    Making your own homemade stock is easy. Canning it on your own is economical and free of preservatives, not to mention tailed to your own tastes.  If you are interested in learning how to pressure can your own homemade stock, read on to learn how.
  • Blackberry Jam- A Taste of Summer in the Dead of Winter

    This blog post is all about how to make low sugar blackberry jam without added pectin.  Because blackberries are naturally high in pectin, you can be confident your jam will set when cooked to gel stage of 220 degrees F at sea level.   Read on to learn how!
  • Pressure Can Your Own Soup Recipe

    There are a lot of safe recipes out there for soup, but it's possible to make your own! Following a few simple rules you can be confident your recipe is safe, but you may want to start with small batches to make sure you like the flavor. This soup is a wonton soup base- garlic, ginger, broth, ground pork and bok choy. We added carrots for extra veggies. All we need to do is heat it up and add wontons or noodles if we want.


  • The Basics of Pressure Canning: Things to Consider When Getting Started

    Have you ever been interested in making your own safe,  canned food at home? It is easier than you think!  What can seem intimidating at first, is a very simple process once you get the hang of it.  And as long as you follow the most up to date procedures recommended by the National Center for Home Food Preservation (click HERE for link directly to their website), you can be sure the food you make for your family is safe. The details in this blog post provide an introduction and things to consider when getting ready to learn how to can. 
  • It's a New Year!

    One of my goals for this winter was to get my (many) jars more organized in a space that I could access more easily and to get a small selection of our canned goods into the kitchen on display so we can get them into more regular rotation.

    Thanks to my handy husband, and some beautiful wood stain, these open shelves came together in a snap, and are even prettier in person! What was a wide-open space being underutilized is now both functional and beautiful! Plus it gives us a space to display some of our favorite handmade gifts from the holidays. I am still on the hunt for different brackets but wanted to see if we liked the open shelve concept first.