Rhubarb Shrub

I wrote earlier in the week about cleaning out my freezer and getting ready for the next harvest. I took out this rhubarb that I had vacuum sealed and frozen from last year. They were still as fresh as when I picked them (albeit mushy if I had allowed them to thaw). ⁠

rhubarb plant

I love finding new ways to turn something boring and unexciting, into something that can brighten up even the dullest dish.  On this fun adventure,  I turned my rhubarb into a delicious vinegar-based drink to add to seltzer water. If you haven't tried making a shrub yet I suggest you do! It is easy and a nice way to add a splash of pizazz to your seltzer.  A shrub is like a syrup concentrate but it includes vinegar to add a little extra bite to it.  I have only used apple cider vinegar with the shrubs, but you can try any kind of vinegar.


Rhubarb vacuum sealed and frozen for long term storage

There are several different methods out there- some say to cook the sugar, fruit and cider together and strain, others say to allow sugar/water/fruit sit at room temperature for a few days then strain and add vinegar.  Because the rhubarb is so fibrous I went with a cooking recipe to make sure it got softened enough. The recipe I used is here, from Serious Eats.



I think I would go back and try it sitting at room temp too just to compare.  This one from feasting at home looked good!  



Cooking down the rhubarb
One tool that has made all syrups and shrubs easier to make is my jelly straining bag!  I used to use cheese cloth to get all the juice from the pulp but it was always so messy and inevitably something always squeezed out.  Using these bags makes the process hands off, super easy, and they clean up in the wash!





You can make any flavor shrub you want.  I hope you give it a try!

rhubarb shrub


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