A little bit about Us

Whitehall Kitchen was grown out of a desire to create more healthy food for my family while preserving the fresh harvest of my vegetable garden. 

I LOVE everything pickled, and have always made pickles each year and salsa of some sort, but during the pandemic I stepped it up a notch and dove deep into home preserving, including the feared pressure canner! 

Searching for supplies (even before supply issues) was always a challenge.  I knew there were not too many stores in our area that carried preserving supplies, and in my quest, discovered that it is more widespread.  I found myself wishing there was a shop I could go to as "one-stop shopping" of favorite products and fun new things to try, with someone that could offer me advice or share in my excitement. 

From that desire, Whitehall Kitchen was born!

My shop is dedicated to all types of home food preservation including canning, dehydrating, fermenting as well as cheese making and bread baking. 

The store features all the tools you'll need, books to learn and love your craft, and products made from artisans local to New England and beyond. My goal is to help you find the tools and know-how to preserve your local bounty.

Here you will find products that will help make the tasks of food preservation possible, easier, and fun! And I love to share preserving with others, and celebrate any successes my customers wants to share!

Whitehall Kitchen is fondly named after the forest outside my home. We are nestled on top of a hill overlooking the tree tops, with Lake Whitehall off in the distant. Our sunsets in the summer are breathtaking.  It only seemed fitting to pay homage to the natural splendor of the area.  


Who could get tired of this?


Happy Preserving!