Learn the Age-old Art of Preserving Foods at Home

Have you always wanted to learn how to preserve your own foods but just haven't gotten around to learning? Or maybe you're just a little nervous to go it alone your first (or few) times.  I can help!  Let me be your best friend in the kitchen and show you how to preserve the food you grow, pick or purchase.  


In my hands-on workshops, I will walk you through the process of canning (water bath/high acid foods and pressure canning/low acid foods), fermenting, dehydrating, cheese making and even learning about sourdough. 


Each workshop will provide in depth explanation and plenty of time to answer ALLL the questions, so come ready!  Workshops will include your own small batch that you made to take home, or the supplies to get you started.  

Workshops can be customized as well! Just send me a note.  Looking for a fun activity for a group of friends? Private parties can be booked as well.


Workshop prices starting at $55, and most run 2-3 hours.  No supplies necessary, all materials will be included in the class.