Complete Sourdough Starter Kit includes a 1L Weck Tulip Jar, Artisan Bread Making Kit by  Breadsmart, and Dehydrated Sourdough Starter from My Own Personal Sourdough Starter.  Instructions included on how to rehydrate your starter.

Complete Sourdough Starter Kit

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Fast track your way to having a healthy vibrant sourdough starter! Our Complete Sourdough Starter Kit includes everything you will need to make sourdough products. 

Each kit contains a dehydrated sourdough that is reconstituted by you.  In a week your sourdough will be ready to use. 

Our 1 L tulip jar is the perfect storage vessel after your sourdough is ready to use.  

The Breasmart Artisan Bread kit has all the bread-making tools you'll need to make delicious, rustic artisan bread.  Each kit contains a danish bread whisk, a scraper, a bread lame to cut patterns in your loaf, and a proofing basket to shape your loaf.  

Choose between Red or Teal when you select your kit.  

Start your breadmaking journey today!